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Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Meera Jasmine is off the press?

The bubbly beauty Meera Jasmine who proved her talent with her performance in the south film industry is away from media and press in recent times. It seems that she is fed up with the nasty rumors that have been spreading in the town about her relationship with Mandolin Rajesh. There are also some speculations in the media about her arrogant nature and bad temper on sets.

Inside sources say that the actress is said to be irritated with the trouble that the media is beating up in her life. So, she is even away from attending the film functions and public parties

Meera Jasmine is currently acting in a heroine centric film in Telugu titled as ‘Moksha’.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Meera jasmine Weds Rajesh

Actress Meera Jasmine has finally confirmed that she is not single anymore. Incidentally, it was her beau who first made this affair public. At a recent press conference in Chennai, Mandolin artiste Rajesh spoke about his forthcoming wedding with the talented Actress. The National Award winning actress Meera Jasmine has, reportedly, revealed that she would not marry Mandolin U Rajesh till her on-going film commitments are over. Recently, there were rumors regarding her imminent marriage.

Meera Jasmine got married!

Meera Jasmine and marriage gossips are inseparable. Yesterday, media reported that the actress had married Rajesh, a Telugu businessman from Hyderabad! A Tamil Newspaper reported that they got married at Thirumala a few days ago.

It is the 6th time the media has married her off to one person or the other since her entry into the film world. She met her first gossip in her debut Malayalam movie Suthradharan. That time, she has been linked up with all kinds of guys of the Industry. She was linked with a producer, director and actor simultaneously!

Apart from these links, she had a love affair with a boy Thiruvalla (2 years younger than her!). Later, when the actress diverted her concentration on movies, the boy threatened the actress that he would expose all the facts behind their love story.

But after a few months, everything was forgotten after she was caught in the hands of director Lohitadas. Later his obsession for the actress came to the public glare. At one stage, the actress lived with Lohitadas in a same house and the entire media was firmed about their marriage. But after the failure of Lohitadas' Tamil film Kasturiman, the actress left him and found a new link with a politician's son. His name is Aryadan Shaukat, son of a former Kerala Minister and producer of Padom Onnu Oru Vilapam. She got the National Award also for her performance in this film. But media reported that she was awarded only because of the strong influences of the Minister.

Two years ago, the love story of Meera and actor Prithviraj hit the headlines. Meera didn't deny the affair in most of her interviews. That time, she was in a top position almost in the south, especially in Tamil. But Prithvi was struggling to get a place in Malayalam then. So, the actress decided to keep away Prithviraj from her.

Immediately, a top police officer of Tamil Nadu (A Kerallite by origin) entered the actress' life. He would like to keep the actress with him permanently. After coming to know the new affair, Prithvi silently moved to Trivandrum and concentrated in films. When the police officer got into trouble and suspended later, the actress moved away slowly from his control and slipped into another love with a Telugu actor.

But she couldn't put a full stop to this serial of love. When she met S.J. Suryah during the making of Thirumagan, it paved a new road to more controversies. Suryah's obsession for the actress caused the change in the original script and give importance to the role of the actress. Tamil newspapers reported that the actress had married with the actor in a Temple at Kerala. But after the film flopped, the actress immediately forgot the actor and even refused to accept the role he offered for his next project with Pawan Kalyan in Telugu!

Meanwhile, Meera Jasmine is known for her versatility in South India Cinema. But she has failed to make a mark in Tamil in spite of getting chances. Now, she is banking on the tamil film titled Kathi Kappal she would be playing the role of a woman affected by the STF and Veerappan team.

It maybe recalled that many tribal women suffered a lot in the battle between the Veerappan gang and STF. The poor tribal women had to face the sexual atrocities along with starvation. Commisions have been set up to inquire these atrocities. The script of Kathi Kappal would go in this line. When this correspondent asked the actress about her role in the film, she said, "I am not supposed to reveal anything about the story. But I am happy with my role. After Kasturiman, it will be an important film in my career."
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